Our Team


Who Are We?

Get to know a little more about the family members that share the same passion and ethos for delivering the very best foods that Cyprus has to offer


Artemis’ story is one of exploration, creativity, and a profound connection to both music and food. 

A successful 25 year career as a global touring DJ and Music producer has afforded him the life experiences to digest food cultures far and wide and with that, forging deep friendships with equally talented individuals in the food and agriculture industry.

Artemis’s involvement in olive oil production speaks to a desire to reconnect with his cultural heritage and in turn showcase the best of what Cyprus has to offer to the global stage.

This commitment to sustainability and tradition adds depth to his persona, showcasing a multifaceted individual who is deeply rooted in both his past and present.



Introducing George, affectionately known as Boureko in the family. An effervescent personality with a smile that captivates all who meet him. As the founder of a city recruitment company, George excels in connecting talent with opportunities in the bustling urban landscape. 

Beyond his professional endeavours, George is deeply passionate about the science behind extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and is dedicated to bringing the vibrant flavours of Cyprus to a global market. 


Meet Dem, she’s Greek Cypriot, born and raised in North London and a partner at Manayi. A newly qualified olive oil sommelier she’s now dividing her time between Cyprus and London. 

After graduating with a psychology degree she worked in a variety of industries inckuding education, marketing, fashion, and shipping bringing copious amounts of experience to the company. 

In her spare time, she immerses herself in the worlds of literature, weight training, travel, always learning new skills and deep sea diving when life allows.  

‘I’m passionate about Cyprus and introducing our little island to the world. I love educating people on what a good quality extra virgin olive oil should taste like, how it’s produced and most importantly showing them how special Manayi is’